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School Programs
Founded in 2008; Chrysalid Outdoor Learning Centres has been on the forefront of student outbound learning programs at its Green Getaway camps for a decade.
Since we own and manage our camps we are able to deliver a very high standard of experience to our customers. Our camps are located in peaceful surrounding where children can be children again.
The perching of birds, the warm sunlight cutting through the fresh and crisp air from the forest around, the priceless view of the sunset, the moon lit nights, at our camps one experiences relaxation and peace far away from the crowds and innumerable distractions of the city.
Most of the top schools are our customers and come back to us every year because of the quality of our services and our impeccable record on safety.
We ensure a safe outdoor experience with equipment and instructors who have the ability to quickly respond to situations.

Activity Sites
All activity sites have been visited and checked by our experienced instructor team and there are no surprises when the children go out there. This eliminates the risk involved with the location and quality of the active site.

All our outdoor meet international standards and is UIAA certified. We source from the best equipment makers worldwide like Petzel, Beal, Cassin and Camp etc.

Instructor Team  
Outdoor instructors conducting the outdoor activities are graduates from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering / Himalayan Mountaineering Institute / National Outdoor Leadership School India assuring top class training and safety standards
Our instructors are also sensitised on working with children and gender issues.

First Aid
All camps stock first aid medicines and also have a full-size foldable stretcher, Nebuliser and a BP machine. We also carry first aid kits during all activities. All our instructors are capable and trained in administering first aid and if required we know where medical assistance will be available in the nearest town.

Standby Vehicle
There is a provision of keeping a standby vehicle of each camp as required.