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Green Getaway Camps are the perfect holiday destination for those who want to get closer to nature and unwind. The camps offer you not only a quiet stay but also exciting adventure activities and treks making it a fun and relaxing holiday experience.
The camps are surrounded by mountains and beautiful green scenery taking you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life while giving you a calm and blissful holiday.
A “Green Getaway” holiday is not another vacation in the hills at a luxury resort or a weekend getaway at a heritage property with luxurious rooms, Jacuzzis, Wi-Fi and room service. Aren’t we flooded with-weekendoffers from heritage properties and luxury resorts promising us a break from our mundane
routine and demanding work-life? We are breaking these stereotypes by offering a holiday in the luxury of nature. The open layout of the camps and accommodation in tents ensure fresh air and pure sunlight is available to you in abundance. 
At our locations, we have established certain standards which make our clients feel comfortable in wilderness surroundings. There is plenty to do for all family members.
What we offer
  •  Our campsites are in wilderness settings. That means accommodation is clean and comfortable butnot  luxurious.
  •  Our staff is friendly and helpful and will go out of the way to make people at ease.
  •  Accommodation is in tents. Cots, Mattresses, Quilts, Pillows are provided for comfort.
  •  Toilets are western style, tiled and clean with regular fittings and running water and are completelyhygienic.
  •  Bathrooms are tiled and have running water; hot water is available.
  •  Camp kitchens are well stocked and serve hot, nutritious & delicious meals. Our staff may be able to    accommodate some special requests with prior notice depending on availability of ingredients andtime.
  •  Drinking water served on camp is tapped from natural sources and then purified.
Adventure Activities at Green Getaway Camps
Don’t worry about boredom at Green Getaway Camps. Nature takes care of most of that at camp; our instructors will take care of the rest with soft adventure activities and games. Try DIY camping, trekking, archery, rifle shooting, river fun or just simply do nothing! 
Camping - Experience camping in the wild while you pitch your own tent and cook food for your friends and family
Rock Climbing - Test your limits on real rock faces with experts and professional equipment which is 100% safe. You may be surprised at what you can achieve!
Zip-lining - Zipline across a valley and feel the thrill of adventure! Choose to use gravity or pure strength to cross! 
River Activities - All our camps are at a maximum of 3km away from a river. Enjoy the cool river and refresh yourself!
Trekking - Guided by professionals, we give you a trekking experience you will never forget with the best equipment. 
Games - The fun never ends at Green Getaway Camps with out door games, facilities, archery, rifle-shooting and much more. 
Team Activities - Here at Green Getaway we believe in creating and strengthening friendships and bonding through team activities.
Stargazing - Enjoy the blissful sky stargazing or simply contemplate life under the stars!

Overall Experience
Stay in a camp is very different than staying in a hotel or a resort. Here the emphasis is on simplicity and providing basic comforts rather than the frills. You will not find fancy items for comfort – However you will find all that is required for basic comfort and a personalized service.