Green Getaway Kambre is located in the village of Kambre, off the Mumbai-Pune Highway and offers a unique wilderness experience within reach for both the metropolises. The campus is situated on the banks of Andhra Lake and offers an expansive view of the lake and waterfalls from the rocky ridge. The backdrop of dense forest offers it an additional element of intrigue. The camp is close to Lonavala, Mumbai and Pune. 
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The camp has 10 tents and offers you the best hospitality and service with all facilities needed for a comfortable stay. Our staff is well trained and ready to assist you at any time. Nature walks and adventure activities are just a part of what makes it an extraordinary experience.

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Get the most our of your stay when you take 3 day/ 2 night holiday packageat Green Getaway Camps, Kambre. Let us take care of all your needs while you focus on making your holiday truly Extraordinary!

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This spacious area is ideal for anything from Khana-Peena to Games or Lecture-Baazi! 

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Enjoy a casual dining experience at our common dining area where 
complete strangers on Day 1 become good friends on Day 2 as conversations begin here. We serve freshly cooked meals from our camp kitchen and all meals are served in the dining area, buffet style.

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Stay in a camp is very different from staying in a hotel or a resort. Here, you will find Nature and fresh air all around in its abundance and we promise you will not miss your usual gadgets. The tents are spacious and have an attached bathroom. Each tent opens up to a unique view of the natural surroundings!