Fun-filled holiday at Green Getaway

Green Getaway Camps  Green Getaway Camps Dharamsala

Weekends are meant to be fun and frolic and when we received an invite to visit the Green Getaway camp at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, we grabbed it immediately. Living in the cities and working for corporates does not give you a lot of time to spare and hence, we opted for a ‘Simply-do-nothing-holiday’ and had the most wonderful experience for two days. As the name suggests there wasn’t any itinerary that was to be followed, we were our own boss and could do whatever we wanted to or simply do nothing and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty.

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After a 10-hour road journey from Delhi to Dharamshala, we reached the campsite early morning. Completely exhausted, the clean and nicely maintained property filled in us a sense of relaxation with peaceful and surreal surroundings. The tents were large with clean linen and a western style toilet including a geyser for a hot bath. On arrival, we were welcomed with tea/snacks, along with the sounds of children’s laughter and chattering, they had started the day with some fun games. After the breakfast, the management suggested the activities we could take up. We decided to join a group of children of 8-12 age groups “The Red Star” and took up the trekking and camping activities with them. We went for a small trek with them; it was the first time that we interacted with the children as well as the instructors. There the kids were taught how to set up different types of tents using poles, rope and stakes, then they had a small do-it-yourself task for the same and every team excelled in it. On our way back, the group was also taught to set up a camp kitchen and cook food.

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We packed a lot of awesome memories with us to take back to Delhi. We simply loved the experience and the time spent at the Green Getaway camp at Dharamsala. The program is structured nicely with an interesting flow that keeps the session enjoyable and engrossing all the time. The focus was to understand oneself better and the program did a great job in making us realise that we are more capable than what we think. The camp was exhilarating, educational, entertaining, adventurous and empowering at the same time.