Safety Measures at Green Getaway Camps

We at Green Getaway Camps take your safety very seriously. And as most of our camp activities are outdoors, we have to double all safety standards and make sure you have a memorable holiday while knowing you are in good hands. For your safety we assure you the camps are situated near peaceful villages with very helpful folk living near by. Activities are monitored by professionals at all times and the very element of risk has been neutralised. 

Our outdoor equipment and instructors are the best in it's class. All our instructors are well experienced and our outdoor equipment is made by the best in the world such as Petzel, Beal and Cassin.

In the event of a fire, the surrounding pine tree barrier acts as a shield and we have fire extinguishers around all key areas such as the kitchen and hall.

A nebulizer and BP machine is provided in the camp for whenever required and all instructors are trained in first-aid. 

We assure you a safe and happy holiday at Green Getaway Camps.

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