A holiday experience like never before!

Green Getaway Camps are the perfect holiday destination for those who want to get closer to nature and unwind. The camps offer you not only a quiet stay but also exciting adventure activities and treks making it a fun and relaxing holiday experience. The staff at our camps is well trained and ready to assist you at any time during your stay. We never compromise on the quality of service offered and your happiness is our primary concern. The camps are surrounded by mountains and a beautiful green scenery taking you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life while giving you a calm and blissful holiday. Get the best offers on your stay at any of the camps with the holiday packages and get the best prices for your stay when you book a tent from the camp's official website. 

Our Properties

A “Green Getaway” holiday is not another vacation in the hills at a luxury resort or a weekend getaway at a heritage property with luxurious rooms, jacuzzis, Wi-Fi and room service. Aren’t we flooded with weekend offers from heritage properties and luxury resorts promising us a break from our mundane routine and demanding work-life? We are breaking these stereotypes by offering a holiday in the luxury of nature. The open layout of the camps and accommodation in tents ensure fresh air and pure sunlight is available to you in abundance. An agenda-less, no itinerary, digitally disconnected stay will ensure you return rejuvenated & reconnected. Don’t worry about boredom. Nature takes care of most of that & where required, our instructors step in with some soft adventure in nature. Experience an extraordinary holiday at our Green Getaway Camps!


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Green Getaway Camps