How To Get To Green Getaway Camps, Yercaud

Situated in an Orchardale Estate, Green Getaway Camps, Yercaud, is about two hours away from Salem, a town in the Yercaud hills. The camp is surrounded by coffee and orange tree plantations and is the highest permanent nature camp in South India. The camp is approximately 260 km away from Bangalore and 365 km away from Chennai. 

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You can get top the camp in the following ways: 

  1. Drive up to Yercaud from Bangalore/Chennai which should take you about 6/8 hours approximately to cover the 260/365 km distance respectively.
  2. A morning train to Salem, and then a 2.5hr ride to the campus. 
  3. Take a flight to Salem and then a 2.5hr ride to the campus. 
  4. Overnight Volvo bus from Chennai / Bangalore / Coimbatore to Salem and then a 2.5hr ride to the campus. 

If you are driving to camp; please follow as below

Take a higher ground clearance vehicle as the estate road leading to the camp is uneven and stony in places

From Yercaud lake drive to Nagalur Village
Take a right turn from Nagalur Village crossing
After 1.5 kms you will see a Green Getaway board on right side
Take the dirt road road into the estate and keep driving till you reach the end where our camp is located. 
It will take about 30-35 minutes drive on this dirt road. 
Since estate road does not have any lighting, it is highly recommended that you reach while there is sunlight

Contact us for more details.