How To Get To Green Getaway Camps, Tirthan

Located in the Tirthan Valley at Sai Ropa, Green Getaway Camps, Tirthan, is on the border of the Great Himalayan National Park, known for its amazing collection of over 400 species of flora and fauna. The campsite is beside a river and is approximately 600 kilometres away from Delhi. It is close to many tourist destinations such as Manali and Kasol. 

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In order to get here from Delhi you have several options: 

  1. Drive up to Sai Ropa. This is about 520 kilometres and should take you 12-14 hours to get there. 
  2. Overnight Volvo Bus to Aut (plenty available on and then a 1.5 hour (15km) ride to campus. 
  3. Overnight train to Kiratpur Sahib, from where it is a 6 hour taxi ride to the campus. 
  4. Take a flight to Kulu airport and a 2hr taxi ride to the campus

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